Field service aboard ships is always a challenge.
Reliable connectivity enables case resolution and efficiency.

So, what’s your First Time Fix Rate?


Less than 75%


Less than 75%




Greater than 90%

Your FTFR is Fair

There are some easy ways to get better fast!
Consider these steps to reach the next level:

Monitor your onboard equipment 24/7 while at sea

Troubleshoot using onshore experts and onboard crew

Prepare your technician, service plan, and parts order for a successful vessel visit

Introducing KVH Watch® – 
IoT Connectivity as a Service

KVH Watch delivers dedicated, affordable connections that improve your field service first time fix rate using two powerful tools:

Flow offers 24/7/365 machine-to-machine data transfer for remote monitoring of your equipment.

Remote Expert Intervention connects your onshore experts with onboard crew for real-time troubleshooting and support.

Lower your costs by identifying issues early, resolving issues remotely, and reducing your time onboard by being prepared with the right solution and the right parts.

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