AgilePlans® Makes Installation Easy

When you want connectivity added to your vessels, you want the system to be installed quickly, easily, and with a minimum of complications.

That’s why every AgilePlans subscription includes free shipping and AgilePlans Standard Installation in as many as 4,000 ports and locations around the globe.

AgilePlans Ports and Locations Worldwide

Installation services are subject to and governed under KVH’s current “Professional Services Standard Terms and Conditions” and “AgilePlans Standard Installation Terms and Conditions” KVH supports installations in as many as 4,000 ports and locations worldwide, however, there are exceptions to port availability due to system’s size, available transportation, seasonality, regulatory changes, import limitations, and changing political conditions. The AgilePlans port and locations list is subject to change without notice.
Please Note: With local port restrictions and quarantine precautions in effect due to COVID-19, there may be delays with service and installation at AgilePort Destinations. KVH is monitoring local restrictions and continuing to coordinate services to the best of our abilities. We thank you for your patience!

AgilePlans Global in 5 Easy Steps

AgilePlans Regional in 5 Easy Steps

Do you need installation in a port that isn’t currently covered? AgilePlans subscriptions include credit towards installation (up to USD$1,250 for TracPhone V3HTSUSD$1,500 for V7HTS, and USD$2,000 for V11HTS per vessel installation credit in non-AgilePlans ports).

Hassle-free Installation