KVH Watch - Remote Predictive Maintenance
Remote Predictive Maintenance
KVH Watch provides high frequency data connectivity, so you can remotely monitor and anticipate eventual problems that may lead to higher costs with corrective maintenance
KVH Watch - Close up of a cargo ship in rough seas
Dynamic Voyage Optimization
KVH Watch provides the foundation to merge environmental data with vessel motion data to optimize voyage cost & execution
KVH Watch - A man assessing an issue on a ship using video chat
Remote Surveys
KVH Watch enables class surveyors to virtually interact with the ships’ crew during a remote survey/audit, powered by on-demand, secure, high-quality video collaboration sessions
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Fuel Optimization
KVH Watch brings real-time data to vessel performance algorithms to increase the realized fuel savings of each voyage and the performance of each vessel in the fleet
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Digital Marketplaces
KVH Watch’s agnostic design allows shipping companies to connect to any ecosystem and digital marketplace available, providing its users with the most comprehensive portfolio access in the industry
KVH Watch - Automated Reporting
Automated Reporting and Verification
KVH Watch’s infrastructure provides the backbone for any automated reporting activity onboard, so that e.g. noon reports and MRV reports can be generated and transferred automatically
KVH Watch -A doctor using video conferencing to talk to a patient
KVH Watch provides high-speed video conferencing capability on demand for telehealth services to keep the crew healthy and safe
KVH Watch - Two men in front of computers tracing a fleet of ships
Vessel Tracking
KVH Watch provides real-time vessel tracking with 12 months of track and position data, so you can manage your entire fleet or assets in one view
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Environmental Monitoring
KVH Watch provides dedicated, real-time connectivity to Exhaust Management systems and Ballast Water Treatment systems to ensure the vessel meets all environmental regulations
KVH Industries - KVH Watch -Cargo monitoring
Cargo Monitoring
KVH Watch provides real-time cargo data, while supporting EDI platforms and blockchain applications for the logistical handshake in port
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Remote Autonomous Operations
KVH Watch provides reliable high-speed connectivity for remote operation and live monitoring of autonomous assets at sea
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Digital Twins
KVH Watch provides a highly scalable platform to enable a complete virtual representation of the real-world assets, allowing for the deployment of algorithms to optimize efficiency and performance of your maritime asset