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Webinar No. 3

Inertial Solutions in Autonomous Ground Reference Systems

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This IEEE Tech Insider webinar, featuring experts Terry Lamprecht of AutonomouStuff and Sheena Dixon of NovAtel, takes a closer look at the automated research development platforms developed for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), advanced algorithm development, and automated driving initiatives. These platforms feature inertial solutions from KVH and GNSS technology from NovAtel. Also discussed are positioning kits for use in the by-wire kit for AutonomouStuff’s Automated Research Development Platform.  


Jeff Fayman
Terry Lamprecht
Director of Products,

Terry Lamprecht is experienced working with different sensing technologies and works remotely with customers integrating and trouble-shooting autonomous systems. 
Sean McCormack
Sheena Dixon
SPAN Product Manager,

Sheena Dixon specializes in SPAN GNSS/INS product applications, including unmanned vehicle navigation, hydrographic survey, aerial survey, and mobile mapping.
Sean McCormack
Sean McCormack
Director of FOG/OEM Business Development,
KVH Industries, Inc. 
Sean McCormack has an extensive background in a wide variety of autonomous and unmanned technologies, enabling him to bring unique, in-the-field insights to his role at KVH.

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