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HDTV and a DVR – the Perfect Onboard Entertainment Combination

KVH’s TracVision HD7 and HD11 are the definition of what HD satellite TV at sea should be, delivering the highest quality picture and sound. KVH's patented TriADTM technology tracks all three DIRECTV® satellites at once, enabling you to enjoy HD programming on the water just like you do at home…and even use a DVR onboard! To help you take advantage of this great feature, we’re offering all new TracVision HD7 or HD11 customers a free DIRECTV HR24 HD DVR/Receiver!

It’s the perfect complement to the finest marine satellite TV systems available:

  • TracVision HD11: The ultimate global 1 meter satellite TV solution for Ku- and Ka-band services worldwide. For yachts 80+ ft.

  • TracVision HD7: Delivering DIRECTV HDTV just like you enjoy at home via a rugged, high-performance 60 cm antenna! For boats and yachts 50+ ft.

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