Proud to be the Official Connectivity Sponsor for the 2022 Newport Bermuda RaceProud to be the Official Connectivity Sponsor for the 2022 Newport Bermuda Race


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Proud to be the Official Connectivity Sponsor of the 2022 Newport Bermuda Race

For 635 miles, sailors will test themselves and their sailboats against the weather and their competitors in the biennial Newport Bermuda Race.

KVH is thrilled to be the Official Connectivity Sponsor of the 2022 Race, building on our long history with the race starting in our home port of Newport, RI, and the participation of our company’s founders and many other employees over the years.

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  • Single-cable installation, DC powered

  • Lightweight (10.6 Kg/23.4 lbs), small diameter (37cm/14.5") antenna

  • Prioritized VoIP calls to land or mobile, only $0.59/minute worldwide

  • Flexible month-to-month contract terms with unlimited plan changes and suspensions prorated monthly

  • Professional installation by multiple Newport-region, factory-certified installers

Bermuda Race

KVH and the Newport Bermuda Race: A History of Competition and Innovation
KVH’s history with the Newport Bermuda Race includes participation in more than a dozen races by the company’s founders, including Arent Kits van Heyningen, who at 94, became the oldest sailor to compete and notched a third-place finish. The Race also spurred the innovations necessary to create the No. 1 maritime VSAT network1.

Watch Video: How it Began

1Euroconsult, Prospects for Maritime SATCOM, 2021, market share VSAT units.
TracPhone V30

TracPhone V30: Delivering Superior Performance vs. the Competition

TracPhone V30 offers faster speeds and more data for less than Inmarsat Fleet One and FleetBroadband.

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