Make Calls and Stay Connected –
While on Budget

At sea, the KVH mini-VSAT Broadband network makes it possible for anyone onboard to surf the Internet and place voice calls. It also helps you manage your usage of the system, which is critical to ensuring its efficiency and outstanding performance.

Connect to the Internet

Whether you’re using a laptop computer, tablet, or a smart phone, pick up your Internet network connection through the Wi-Fi settings of the device. Usage is logged by megabyte, not by time. That means that watching videos uses more data than reading emails.

Place a Voice Call

Making a call with the TracPhone system and the mini-VSAT Broadband service is very easy.

To place a call from the vessel, follow these steps:

    • Make sure the TracPhone system is online.
    • Pick up the handset on any phone connected to the ICM. You should hear a dial tone. If you don’t, check the phone line status on the web interface’s Home tab.
    • Dial the phone number you wish to call. The dialing sequence you use depends on the vessel’s Line 1 phone number.​


Dialing a Number Outside the Country Assigned to Line 1


Dial the number as an international call:

<International prefix, as originating from your Line 1 country>

+ <country code>

+ <area/city code>

+ <local phone number>


Dialing a Number Within the Country Assigned to Line 1


Dial the number as an in-country call:

<area/city code>

+ <local phone number>


Dialing a Number Within the Country & Area Code Assigned to Line 1

Dial the number as a local call:​

<local phone number>

NOTE: When you place a call, your voice travels to a satellite in space then back to Earth. This transit will cause a brief delay (approximately 1/2 second) in your conversation.

CREWlink Prepaid Cards

If your crew will be using CREWlink prepaid cards for voice calls, all calls must be dialed as if they originate from the United States. If you are calling the U.S., Canada, or any other country that uses the North American Numbering Plan, dial “1” first, then the area or city code, then the phone number. If you are calling any country that is outside the North American Numbering Plan, dial the “011” exit code first, then the country code, then the area or city code, then the phone number. Voice calls are charged by the minute, and rates vary by region. 

Manage Data

Individual accounts with passwords for calling and Internet usage can be set up and managed. A key to managing usage is to make sure your devices uses as little data as possible in the background. Here are a few quick tips:

  • Turn off location services, cloud synchronization, and automatic updates, backups, and downloads.

  • Don’t allow web browsers to preload pages or show multimedia content.

  • Send your emails as plain text, compress attachments, and disable read receipts.

  • On iPhones and other smart devices, make sure background app refresh is turned off.

  • Wait until you’re back on shore and connected to land-based Wi-Fi or cellular services before you update your devices’ operating systems or apps.

Accessing Your Voice Account

You can manage your account online at KVH’s Enhanced VoIP Service Account Center. You can view and configure all of the various calling features available to you, as well as view account information and listen to VoiceMails. To log onto the site, follow these steps:

  • Go to

  • At the login page, enter your Line 1 Phone Number and PIN provided during service activation. Then click Login.

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