Deliver Connectivity Using Data Allocation Tools

Digital connectivity is just as important at sea as it is onshore

Today’s crew and vessel operators increasingly expect to have the same level of broadband connectivity onboard as they have onshore. This is true whether it’s realtime access to family, friends, and social media, or to business-critical operations data.

But how do you provide those connections, manage your data use onboard, and keep control of your data costs?

KVH recognized this challenge and developed a straightforward solution as part of the mini-VSAT Manager suite of tools to help you manage your vessel’s data use and stay within your plan's monthly allocation. The Vessel Detail page in miniVSAT Manager displays all of the information about your airtime plan, your data usage, and gives you access to powerful features. It provides:

  • Your subscription plan

  • The maximum upload and download speeds for your plan

  • An estimate of your vessel's overall data usage up to the current day.

  • Access to the Data Allocation feature where you can create user profiles and set up daily, weekly, or monthly data limits for each user onboard or the vessel as a whole.

In addition, this is where you can set up alerts when usage exceeds thresholds simply by adding the email addresses of those you want notified.

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Watch the video below to see how simple it is to set up data allocations to control data usage:​

When someone reaches their allotted limit, their access is turned off until the next allocation period. Internet access for other users or operations continues without interruption until they reach their allotment.

Using the miniVSAT Manager data allocation feature is a simple yet effective way to maintain crew morale while providing you with the data management and insight you need to run a tight ship. Take advantage of data allocation profiles so you, and your crew, avoid costly surprises.

minivsat manager

And it’s easy to do. Simply:

  1. Set the Integrated CommBox (ICM) to any network configuration that requires a login

  2. Create allocation profiles to set the data usage allowed by day, week, or month

  3. Create a user login and assign a profile to each person onboard