Use Application Category Reporting to Understand Onboard Data Usage

More data usage comes with today’s ever-increasing use of digital devices; mini-VSAT Manager can help!

With application category reporting via the mini VSAT Manager suite of tools, KVH’s HTS network delivers the insight and controls you require.

At any time, authorized users can log into miniVSAT Manager and from their vessel details screen they can scroll down to Application Reporting. This section shows previous and current month’s usage for the highspeed and unlimited use channels by day, sorted by type of application such as:

  • Real‑time communications (WhatsApp, Skype, etc.)

  • Email

  • Web browsing

  • Network storage

  • Real-time entertainment (such as Netflix, Hulu, Spotify)

  • Social networking

  • Gaming

  • And more

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Want to know what days saw the highest data use?

Wondering what types of applications were driving your data consumption?

Interested in how your data use and applications varied between your highspeed data channel and your unlimited use data channel?

minivsat manager

Subscribers to the mini VSAT Broadband network have always had the benefit of data transparency. Now subscribers to KVH’s mini VSAT Broadband HTS network receive detailed reporting into onboard data usage and can set alerts by individuals onboard to stay within their plan’s monthly data allotment.

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