The myKVH Portal: A Versatile Tool for Managing Your SATCOM Solution

All customers of the KVH mini-VSAT Broadband network can monitor and control data usage. And, with the secure myKVH Portal, authorized users have even greater access to tools that enable easy configuration of the network, vessel, and fleet monitoring, along with management of data usage by every person onboard. Among the features are:

  • Network Status – See the connectivity status of individual vessels or an entire fleet on the Map page.

  • Data Allocation and Management – Bandwidth can be allocated to individuals so no single user can compromise connectivity. Usage estimates, refreshed daily, give you a general idea of how much of the allowance is being consumed.

  • Data Alerts – Among its many benefits, myKVH also allows you to proactively monitor onboard bandwidth usage with email alerts when designated thresholds are reached.

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