Remote Tracking of Your Vessel’s Position & Speed

It’s 3:00 a.m. Do you know where your boat is?​

Security, fuel efficiency, communications, regulatory compliance, crew safety, weather conditions – all important reasons to know where your boat is. And with KVH’s versatile Vessel Tracking Service, you will.

Improve performance and charter operations with robust reporting and management tools from KVH.

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Vessel Tracking Suited to Your Operation

Whether you’re monitoring one or an entire fleet of vessels, miniVSAT Broadband’s Vessel Tracking Service from KVH delivers the detailed and up-to-date historical track and position data you need at any time, and from any internet‑connected device through the secure myKVH web portal and the miniVSAT Manager suite of tools.

With two levels of vessel tracking
, you can select the level that’s best suited to your operation as each offers a rich set of calendar and track selection tools. Vessel position is updated as frequently as every 90 seconds* and provides a highly detailed track.

vessel tracking


Upgrade to Premium Vessel Tracking Today!

Basic Vessel Tracking is provided free with mini-VSAT manager.  To upgrade to Premium Vessel Tracking visit "Vessel Track" within mini-VSAT manager and select "Buy Premium".


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Remote Tracking of Your Vessel’s Position and Speed:

Choose between:

Basic Tracking 

Included with every miniVSAT Broadband subscription at no extra cost, Basic Tracking gives you easy access to vessel tracking data. A simple click on the Vessel Tracking button next to the vessel’s name shows the historical track and speed of the vessel. Enjoy realtime vessel tracking for the last five hours along with the speed for the last hour. 

Basic Vessel Tracking

Premium Tracking** 

Premium Tracking shows you track and speed for any hour, day, week, or month within the last year. Premium Tracking also gives you an onmap track display and instant access to the Latest Position and Weekly Position Reports.

Premium Vessel Tracking

Now you can have realtime visibility into the progress and operation of your yacht or fleet for perhaps the most important reason of all, peace of mind.​


Take advantage of these other powerful miniVSAT Manager tools:​

Data Protocol Reporting

Data Allocations

*Blockages or service outages may reduce this update rate​
**Available as a $49 per month per vessel upgrade via the mini-VSAT Manager suite of tools