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KVH Industries – Guiding Intelligent Systems 

KVH is a premier manufacturer of high performance FOG-based sensors and integrated inertial systems for demanding applications:
  • Defense and commercial navigation
  • Guidance
  • Stabilization
Our experience with and commitment to the unmanned industry extends to the earliest DARPA driverless challenges in 2004. Our record of success with compact FOG technology starts even earlier and has made KVH FOGs and inertial systems the choice of engineers worldwide designing high performance systems for:
  • Inertial navigation in GNSS-denied environments
  • Robotics
  • Remote weapons systems
  • Unmanned land, air, and ground vehicles, and driverless car technology
By controlling all aspects of product development from design to drawing our own optical fiber, we deliver superior products and outstanding performance when you need them with fast and responsive service.

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