KVH Videotel Difference

Since 1973 when the Intergovernmental Maritime Consultative Organization (IMCO), the forerunner to the International Maritime Organization (IMO), called on Videotel’s services to improve the quality of training materials available to seafarers, Videotel has been a leader in creating award-winning training content, developed in partnership with leading industry bodies and organisations. Videotel has recorded more than 14 million training events in recent years, and its training programmes have been recognised with over 100 awards.

KVH is an innovative technology company focused on the maritime market for 30+ years and the world’s leading provider of mobile satellite communications and television antenna systems. KVH’s mini-VSAT Broadbandsm network is the no.1 maritime VSAT service, having delivered more than 7,000 terminals to vessels worldwide. With KVH’s exclusive IP-MobileCast™ content delivery service, Videotel software and training content updates can be multicast to vessels at sea immediately upon release, saving time and money and delivering the latest releases to seafarers in real time.