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KVH Watch Customer Testimonials

“GreenSteam has AI-based and data-driven models for vessels. Our model continuously looks for patterns in the data. To model the vessel, we need high quantities and high quality of data, and KVH Watch is the key to this. Around 50% of current data we get is high-frequency data, but we expect that to grow through implementing KVH Watch. This opens up in-depth analysis allowing data to do its work for getting insights on vessel operations and emissions.”

Simon Whitford, CEO, GreenSteam

“With KVH Watch connectivity, we will be able to extend our services and add remote monitoring, condition-based monitoring, and assistance for a repair even if there is an incident in the middle of the ocean. Many vessels are looking for this level of service but what has been missing in our opinion was the reliable backbone of connectivity to transfer data from the ship to shore.”

Pravin Raghavan, Managing Director, Tile Marine

“The ioCurrents MarineInsight platform notifies key stakeholders, onboard and shoreside, when and where to focus with real-time, remote vessel analytics. Together, ioCurrents and KVH will enable people to have better troubleshooting conversations when it matters most by offering an unprecedented, comprehensive ship-to-shore experience, providing key insights with unmatched speed and reliability.”

Jon Best, Head of Partnerships, ioCurrents

“KVH’s fast, global, and reliable connectivity provides Vessel Insight users with connectivity options for end-to-end solutions that deliver the real-time monitoring and intervention benefits of machine-to-machine IoT. KONGSBERG offers its Kognifai services to our customers with KVH Watch, which provides dedicated, end-to-end IoT connectivity for equipment monitoring, and full bandwidth for very large file transfers and video-enhanced remote support.”

Bent Erik Bjorkli, Vice President Business Development, Kongsberg Digital

“The pillars of Smart Ship Hub’s services include remote tracking, monitoring, and providing actionable insights to our customers so their vessels operate as safely and efficiently as possible. We look forward to using KVH Watch connectivity to enable video, image, and real-time machine data that provides situational awareness and the most accurate assessment of vessel condition at any moment.”

Joy Basu, CEO, Smart Ship Hub