Now is the time to make the switch to
AgilePlans® Regional

Now is the time to make the switch to KVH AgilePlans® Regional

For about the same price as your airtime bill using old hardware with slow speeds and prohibitive overage fees, GET: 

  • NO CAPEX  Brand-new hardware, including shipping and installation, with NO maintenance fees

  • 2x-8x the data  200 MB/month with NO overage charges and NO contract required

  • 10x-30x the data speed  Blazing fast 5/2 Mbps service

  • Plus, KVH’s leading 24/7/365 global service and support


“KVH AgilePlans works for us because it is an all-inclusive package, so you know what you are going to spend before you spend it. It’s also important that the plan includes maintenance so we know we won’t have to spend time and money for repairs. KVH takes care of it and that means our vessels are always up to date with the best technology.”

– Ashton Guidry, Executive Vice President, Harvey Gulf International Marine