World’s Smallest High Performance Fiber Optic Gyro

Super-compact and Robust  ‚Äč

  • Compact, shock and vibration resistant two-piece design
  • Superior Bias Instability (25°C) of ≤ 0.1°/hr, 1σ (max), ≤ 0.05°/hr, 1σ (typical)
  • Extremely low-noise with high bandwidth
  • Single- or dual-axis, Digital or Analog, and magnetically shielded options
  • Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) product
Analog Datasheet 
Balloon-borne Large Aperture Submillimeter Telescope (BLAST) – A suborbital observatory studies star formation and evolution

This Paper Discusses:

  • Overcoming the challenges of surveying interstellar space
  • Why precision pointing is essential to post-flight mapping reconstruction
  •  How accurate star mapping helps us understand the evolution of galaxies
  • Why robust high performance KVH fiber optic gyros were chosen for precision pointing in the hostile environment of space
Integrating High-performance Gyros into 4K High Definition Camera Stabilized Platforms

This Paper Discusses:

  • High definition cameras’ need for robust data acquisition capabilities to transmit high-speed tracking data to a stabilizing system
  • Why Gyro-Stabilized Systems LLC chose the high-performance DSP-1750 FOG
  • The ease of integration within a gyro-stabilized camera platform
  • How the system works for 3D mobile mapping, augmented reality, geo-referencing systems, and other applications

Highlights & Specifications

Product Video

Innovative Design for Easy Intergration

  • 45.7 mm (1.8") diameter optical sensor is separate from the control electronics
  • Two-piece design allows for flexibility in installation and integration
  • Available in single- and dual-axis configurations
  • Magnetically shielded variants offer superior performance in magnetically aggressive environments

Groundbreaking Performance

  • Option of standard input rate of ±490°/sec or high input rate of ±1000°/sec (Digital)
  • Angle Random Walk <0.013°/√hr (≤ 0.8°/hr/√Hz) (Digital)
  • Superior Bias Instability (25°C) ≤ 0.1°/hr, 1σ (max), ≤ 0.05°/hr, 1σ (typical)
  • Asynchronous RS-422 interface, optional 1000 Hz or 1800 Hz (Digital)


  • Gimbals
  • Optical/antenna stabilization
  • Long-range optical and sensor systems
  • Equipment platform stabilization
  • Payload stabilization for UAVs
  • GPS/INS, IMU integration
  • Weapons platform stabilization

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