Global Connectivity without Commitment

AgilePlans® Global – Connectivity as a Service
Offering your fleet everything it needs to compete today: VSAT hardware, global broadband, tech support, daily news and training with free shipping, free installation, and no commitment.


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AgilePlans Global all inclusive, no commitment service includes:

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A Rugged, Proven Hardware Solution 

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Global Broadband as fast as 20 Mbps

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Superior Technical Support and Network Management 

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Crew Wellbeing & Training Content Delivered via IPMobileCast

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Critical Operations Content Delivered via IP-MobileCast

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Free Shipping and Free Installation

Why did Nordic Hamburg select KVH’s AgilePlans?

“The AgilePlans program provides the highest flexibility for our fleet and we were also attracted to KVH’s global coverage, CommBox network management solutions, fast data speed, and the great crew welfare services that are included.”

– Jacobus Varossieau, Nordic Hamburg 

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