KVH Watch® Makes Installation Easy

KVH Watch is a turnkey service which includes access to a Watch Terminal, managed switch, and dedicated Wi-Fi.

If your customer’s vessel doesn’t have the required equipment, we will manage the installation for you.

When required, every KVH Watch subscription includes free shipping to, and KVH Watch Standard Installation in, as many as 4,000 ports and locations around the globe.

Installation Ports and Locations Worldwide

Please Note: Installation services are subject to and governed under KVH’s current “Professional Services Standard Terms and Conditions” and KVH Watch Standard Installation Terms and Conditions. KVH supports installations in as many as 4,000 ports and locations worldwide, however, there are exceptions to port availability due to system’s size, available transportation, seasonality, regulatory changes, import limitations, and changing political conditions. The installation port and locations list is subject to change without notice.