Inertial Goes Photonic, Explodes Gyro Technology

Listen to how KVH photonic-based gyros reinvent gyro technology

KVH has reimagined fiber optic technology with its photonic-based fiber optic gyro. Learn from industry-leading experts about the changes in gyro technology, and how KVH’s groundbreaking photonic-based gyro is designed to:

  • Reduce variability

  • Improve performance

  • Improve reliability and yield

Hear from industry experts:

  • ​Ralph Hopkins – A Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff and Group Leader in the Positioning Navigation and Timing (PNT) Division at Draper

  • Roger H. Ward – Director, FOG Product Development at KVH Industries, Inc.

  • Skip Ashton – Vice President, Product Development at KVH Industries, Inc.

Watch the Webinar

Our industry-leading experts explore the changes in the gyro industry, and how KVH is leading the way with photonics in fiber optic gyros.