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IoT Connectivity as a Service

All-inclusive, No Commitment, No Maintenance Costs

Equipment manufacturers can support their products worldwide with secure IoT connectivity for remote monitoring and real-time intervention. One low monthly fee, no CAPEX, and fully compatible with their IoT platform of choice.

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Six Powerful Benefits for Equipment Manufacturers

Gain a competitive edge with alwayson access to your equipment data and the ability to act in real time, powered by KVH Watch and the only global maritime HTS VSAT network:

  • Resolve problems rapidly with remote troubleshooting

  • Reduce costly field service visits

  • Improve reliability through predictive maintenance

  • Collect historical equipment data to resolve warranty disputes

  • Turn service costs into service revenue

  • Gather real-world performance data for product improvements

How KVH Watch Works

Watch Flow: 24/7/365 machine-to-machine data delivery

  • Uses dedicated shiptoshore bandwidth for data transfer

  • Delivers data from manufacturer’s onboard edge device to manufacturer’s IoT application

  • Offers an ideal connectivity solution for manufacturers with their own IoT platform

Watch Intervention: On-demand, high-speed sessions

  • Enables realtime video, voice, and text chat for remote support sessions with data speeds as fast as 10/3 Mbps 

  • Provides remote access to equipment control applications

  • Supports troubleshooting, equipment configuration, file transfers, and application updates  

KVH Watch Diagram

KVH Watch bridges the gap from ship to shore with a highthroughput VSAT terminal and belowdecks unit onboard, coupled to the largest global maritime HTS VSAT network.

The Fastest Global Connectivity

Watch Flow and Watch Intervention are delivered around the world as fast as up to 10/3 Mbps on the No. 1 maritime VSAT network.*

*Source: Euroconsult, Prospects for Maritime SATCOM, 2019, market share VSAT units​

KVH Watch Coverage

Designed for Cybersecurity

KVH Watch is designed to meet the cybersecurity needs of a modern, connected ship as it:

  • Isolates the IoT network from the vessel’s communications system using a dedicated terminal, data channel, and LAN

  • Offers compatibility with manufacturers VPNs

  • Includes multi-factor authentication for remote access control

IoT Connectivity as a Service

All-inclusive, No Commitment, No Maintenance Costs
KVH Watch is a groundbreaking IoT Connectivity as a Service solution, delivered over a global high-throughput satellite network.

  • Eliminate the need for CAPEX – no equipment to buy or install

  • Pay only for your IoT connectivity service subscription

  • Plans start as low as $99/month

  • Zero installation and maintenance costs or responsibilities for the life of the subscription

A Proven Solution Aboard Thousands of Vessels

We’ve proven the value of IoT connectivity by using KVH Watch to deliver data on 150+ performance and health parameters every day to power proactive monitoring and rapid resolution on thousands of VSAT terminals fielded aboard vessels worldwide.

All from the Global Leader in Maritime VSAT

KVH is a leading manufacturer of maritime VSAT systems and the operator of the No. 1 global marine Ku-band VSAT network.*

 *Source: Euroconsult, Prospects for Maritime SATCOM, 2019, market share VSAT units​

KVH Watch Equipment


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“We need to collect 400 MB of IoT data per month. We looked at GSM but found it impossible to price on a global basis. Besides, some vessels go for years without entering GSM coverage.”

– Head of Digital Services, Boiler manufacturer

“We budget $5,000 for each service visit to a ship. The visits should be fewer and more productive. A scrubber generates 26 GB of IoT data per month. We need to downsample the data and get it to shore in near real time.”

– Program Manager, Connectivity, SOx scrubber manufacturer
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